ALEMBIKA was founded in 2005 by 2 women - fashion designer Hagar Alembik-Hazofe, a graduate of Shenkar school of design and an established designer in the Israeli fashion scene, and Dr. Judy Fadlon, an anthropologist.

ALEMBIKA offers a collection suited to women of all ages, specializing in the middle and large size range - to which Alembika's layered look is especially flattering.


What we at ALEMBIKA believe about women's fashion…

We accept you the way you are.

At Alembika we would like you to feel comfortable with your body.
Not the body you're working on, fantasizing about, or wishing to have.
The one you have right now.

The way you are and not the way you ought to be.

We feel that "ought to" belongs to the past.
Today in a post modern world there is no such thing as acceptable or unacceptable.
There is only a multiplicity of choices.
Your real power in this new world
read in the opportunity to choose what is right for you.

Fashion that is therapeutic.

We, like you, believe that the essence of femininity lies in flexibility, change and flow.
We offer you clothes that understand you.
And know that you experience your body in a complex way.
We offer you fashion that treats your body with respect.
Fashion that covers it with love.
Fashion that is therapeutic for body and soul.

Accept yourself!

We accept you just the way you are.